New Membership /Renewals / Rules

Membership for the first year is $200 ($185 annual membership, and $15 processing fee).  Each year there after the annual fee is $185 and is due on February 24, 2020. Our membership year is from February 24, 2020 to February 23, 2021.  Late renewals still pay for the whole year. For every three hours you work at the club you get $50.00 credit up to a maximum of $100 off  your annual membership the following year. If you join mid-year for the first time, you may pro-rate membership fees for the remaining months to February at $15 per month plus new membership processing fee of $15. There is no additional charge for family memberships (immediate family only) including children to the age of 18, or children to the age of 25 if they’re living at home while attending college.
New members may sign up at any club meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at the Torrance airport meeting . (Torrance Airport 3301 Airport Dr, Torrance, CA  90505, United States) 

New members must have their bows with them when they sign up. 


The only way to sign up for membership will be at the monthly meeting . Meeting are on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at the Torrance airport meeting . (Torrance Airport 3301 Airport Dr, Torrance, CA 90505, United States) 

New members must have their bows with them when they sign up. . New members must print out the application form (one application per family) and one insurance waiver and photo release for each family member intending to shoot. 

Please fill the forms completely and bring them to the club meeting or club shoot.. 


Click the link below to download and print the SBAC Membership Application , Insurance Waiver, and Archery Photo Release. New members receive a gate key, a membership card, and a vehicle sticker. The sticker goes inside the window and can be moved from one vehicle to another; it sticks without glue. Replacement for a lost key is $25. An additional sticker is $1.

Sorry, we do not accept new members or renewal  by mail.

Still have questions? email us (see below)

Renewal Membership

In order to qualify for renewal you must have been a member in good standing the previous calendar year. Members renewing after Februarywill be required to pay the full membership renewal rate without proration. Membership renewal is $185. I you participated in a work party your renewal fees are $85-$135 Renewal can be made afterany club shoot  at the monthly club meeting.  Renewals require a membership application, and also an insurance waiver and a photo release for each family member planning on shooting. See links above. 


Print out one application per family.  


Print out one insurance waiver and one photo release for each family member intending to shoot. See links above. Complete and sign all forms.  

Bring application, waivers, photo releases, and check made payable to South Bay Archery Club (not SBAC) AFTER JANUARY 15TH to: Replacement for a lost key is $25.

Renewal checklist:

  • Application (one per family).  Please print email address clearly.
  • Insurance waiver (one per family member)
  • Photo Release (one per family member)
  • Check payable to South Bay Archery Club
  • Old keys will be effective only until the end of the February shoot.

New and delinquent members must bring a bow to either a meeting or shoot.  If you join mid-year, you may pro-rate the monthly membership fee of either $12/month. Membership fees are collected at our February meeting and all memberships expire at the end of January. Club meetings are held after our monthly club shoots approximately 12:00 at the range.



1. A bow must be presented in order to join.  

2. All members while on the range are to own and shoot archery equipment (wooden bows, recurve or compound bows). Neither crossbows nor the use of broadheads nor any firearms is permitted. Entry onto the range by vehicle is restricted exclusively to archery and no other purpose whatsoever.

3. No alcohol, smoking, nor open flames are permitted on the range.

4. Parking is only permitted in the parking lot near the practice area, not along the road nor at the top.

5. The range road is closed the day of and after it rains to protect the road.

6. Club shoots are every fourth Sunday at 9:00 a.m., the third Sunday in December.

7. Club meetings are every forth Sunday after the club shoot, at the range. 

8. New membership to join is $15.00 for one-time registration, $15.00 for a gate key, plus $185.00 for the year. Renewing members do not pay the $15.00 new member fee unless they renew after April 30th.

9. The renewal fee is $185. The gate key is $25.00. However, renewal membership is $78.00 only if the member has contributed at least three hours at a work party or parties during the previous year. Prices and policies are subject to change.

10. All members will abide by the Club’s By-Laws and Constitution, and all local laws and rules as set forth by the City of Rancho Palos Verdes, our Conditional Use Permit, the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy, and the Coastal Commission. Failure to comply may result with expulsion from the Club.

11. Local flora and fauna are to remain unharmed. This includes but is not limited to rabbits and other rodents, lizards, hawks, owls, and pelicans.

12. Members must have a signed insurance waiver on file. All guests must also sign a waiver.

13. Members are responsible for their guests and children.

14. The monthly newsletter is emailed.  Other announcements appear on our website (,) our Facebook page, and direct emails as necessary.

15. To participate for a Club Trophy Award, you must have completed at least four shoots out of 10 shoots that are held from January to December. 

16 range closed sunrise till club shoot completed. Target butts open. 3D complete range closed from sunrise including practice butts till shoot completed.